Digital pianos are electronic instruments aimed at reproducing the sound and the touch of the acoustic piano. It is a valid alternative for studying the piano in those cases where there is no possibility of welcoming a real piano into your home.

There are instruments that have a piece of furniture, so as to have an appearance similar to an upright or grand piano, as well as more compact solutions, such as those digital pianos that are also used on stages, which consist of the keyboard only. The latter are often used as a second instrument by those who also own an acoustic piano, in this way it is easy to transport it in cases where you have to play outside the home.

The digital piano is equipped with a weighted keyboard whose operation mimics that of the mechanics of a traditional acoustic piano. Although the most advanced models obtain respectable results, it is not possible to have the same performance as an acoustic piano. For those wishing to obtain the advantages of both the acoustic piano and the digital piano in the same instrument, it is possible to purchase a piano silent or TransAcoustic , or install a silent system on your instrument.