Our experience of over 40 years in the field and our constant participation within the AIARP (Italian Association of Tuners and Piano Repairers) gives us the opportunity to offer you 360 degree assistance. Not only piano tuners, but specialized technicians able to examine your piano, and advise you on the correct interventions to obtain all the potential that your piano can offer you.

We operate in the following areas:
Como and province
Mendrisio and surroundings
Lugano and surroundings
Bellinzona and surroundings
Sondrio and province
Varese and province
Monza and Brianza
Lecco and province


We recommend to contact us at least once a year for the tuning and setup of your piano. With this operation we go to adjust the tension of the strings to restore the harmonic intervals.

Complete overhaul or restoration

We carry out free inspections with the aim of formulating a personalized estimate for a complete overhaul or restoration of your piano.
The revision consists of adjusting the mechanical components of the instrument so that you have a uniform keyboard touch and correct operation of the instrument. We also go to repair any components that no longer work optimally.
Even the eye wants its part: you can consider polishing the furniture, restoring the original one or changing its type or color. We make both antique lacquer polish and modern polish.
Whether your piano is 10 or 100 years old, it is good to analyze your instrument to understand what the different solutions can be adopted, based on your expectations and on the budget you want to invest. Both from the point of view of the external aspect and from the point of view of the functioning of the piano.