Giuseppe Picone, who has always been passionate about music, in 1976 started a business of selling and repairing musical instruments in Cecina (Livorno). His main interest is the piano. Thanks to contacts with technicians at various supplier companies, he has the opportunity to follow improvement and updating courses, always aiming to get the best from each tool.

In 1982 Giuseppe sold Cecina’s shop and opened a new laboratory specialized in the repair and sale of pianos in Vertemate con Minoprio (Como).

In 1987, his eldest son Roberto joined the business, achieving excellent professional results over the years as a technician tuner.

Since 1989 the company has been registered with the AIARP , the Italian Association of Piano Tuners and Repairers, where Giuseppe contributes as Auditor. Giuseppe and Roberto participate in most of the meetings organized by AIARP, including technical refresher courses at the Bechstein and Seiler factories in Germany, Schulze-Pollmann and Fazioli in Italy.

In 1999 the company moved to Como with a more equipped laboratory and a more complete showroom.

In 2007 the second daughter Letizia began to make her contribution to the family business. After graduating in Foreign Languages ​​and Literatures and having lived several professional experiences in Italy and abroad, Letizia now deals mainly with administration and sales.

In the meantime, the youngest son Francesco also gradually joins the company. Guitarist and music lover, he attended the three-year academic period in Electronic Music and Sound Technologies at the Como Conservatory and graduated in Computer Science. He currently manages the organization of the business and follows in his father’s footsteps in the technical field.