pianoforti silent
Silent pianos give you the opportunity to play while listening to the sound on headphones, without altering the touch of the traditional piano keyboard.
For those who play an instrument, the problem of not disturbing neighbors or cohabitants themselves is becoming increasingly widespread.
When the silencer is active, the hammers no longer hit the strings and all the movements of the keys are captured generating a digital sound on the headphones. In this way it is possible to play a real acoustic piano at any time of day or night, without being disturbed and without disturbing others. In addition, silent pianos have many features typical of digital pianos, such as:

  • Use other voices than the piano.
  • Listen the metronome on headphones.
  • The ability to record a song in internal memory.
  • The ability to connect the piano to a PC or any other device.

In our exhibition you can try all the latest generation silent pianos and personally appreciate all the potential offered by this type of pianos.