Upright and grand pianos, both for study and professionals. We are authorized resellers of Yamaha and all the best brands.


In our specialized laboratory we carry out scrupulous revisions to selected second-hand instruments, to offer you reconditioned and guaranteed pianos, vertical and grand.


By purchasing a piano from us you will have included in the price:

  • Bench
  • Delivery transport
  • A free tuning at your home

Payment in monthly installments even without advance.


Some examples of manufacturers that can be found in our shop.

Anelli, Bachmann, Balthur, Bechstein, Furstein, Hermann, Hoffmann, Hupfeld, Ibach, , Kawai, Klingmann, Mahler, Petrof, Rieger-Kloss, Rosenbach, Samik, Sauter, Seiler, Schiedmayer, Schimmel, Schulze Pollmann, Steinbach, Steinway & Sons, Yamaha, Young Chang, Zimmermann.

pianoforti silent
Silent pianos give you the opportunity to play while listening to the sound on headphones, without altering the touch of the traditional piano keyboard.
For those who play an instrument, the problem of not disturbing neighbors or cohabitants themselves is becoming increasingly widespread.
When the silencer is active, the hammers no longer hit the strings and all the movements of the keys are captured generating a digital sound on the headphones. In this way it is possible to play a real acoustic piano at any time of day or night, without being disturbed and without disturbing others. In addition, silent pianos have many features typical of digital pianos, such as:

  • Use other voices than the piano.
  • Listen the metronome on headphones.
  • The ability to record a song in internal memory.
  • The ability to connect the piano to a PC or any other device.

In our exhibition you can try all the latest generation silent pianos and personally appreciate all the potential offered by this type of pianos.

Come and try the new TransAcoustic ™ pianos, you will be surprised!

An acoustic piano with adjustable volume, or a digital piano with strings? The latest product developed by Yamaha goes beyond imagination and opens up a new world of possibilities.

TransAcoustic ™ technology transmits digital sound directly to the soundboard and causes the piano to behave like a speaker. The resulting sound possesses the natural tonal characteristics of a soundboard.

It is also possible to combine the acoustic and digital properties of the instrument: delicate orchestral strings under the piano played acoustically, for example.

Of course you can also do all this in SILENT mode, so as not to disturb the neighbors and continue to enjoy the touch, weight and lunge of a high quality acoustic piano, even at night.

Digital pianos are electronic instruments aimed at reproducing the sound and the touch of the acoustic piano. It is a valid alternative for studying the piano in those cases where there is no possibility of welcoming a real piano into your home.

There are instruments that have a piece of furniture, so as to have an appearance similar to an upright or grand piano, as well as more compact solutions, such as those digital pianos that are also used on stages, which consist of the keyboard only. The latter are often used as a second instrument by those who also own an acoustic piano, in this way it is easy to transport it in cases where you have to play outside the home.

The digital piano is equipped with a weighted keyboard whose operation mimics that of the mechanics of a traditional acoustic piano. Although the most advanced models obtain respectable results, it is not possible to have the same performance as an acoustic piano. For those wishing to obtain the advantages of both the acoustic piano and the digital piano in the same instrument, it is possible to purchase a piano silent or TransAcoustic , or install a silent system on your instrument.

Upright studio piano rental with ransom

We have studio pianos of the best brands . At the end of the first 12 months of rental, you can extend the rent or return the piano. In the event that it is decided to proceed with the purchase, the amount spent up to that time will be deducted from the final price, previously agreed. The remaining part can also be paid in installments.

Concerts and events

We rent high quality grand or upright pianos for concerts and any other type of event, with full service of transport, tuning and setup of the instrument.

Some events we usually work with:
Piano City Milano @ Como
LacMus Festival
Villa Carlotta (musical seasons)
Arte Solidale Festival
Swing Crash Festival
Up On The Street Festival


Our experience of over 40 years in the field and our constant participation within the AIARP (Italian Association of Tuners and Piano Repairers) gives us the opportunity to offer you 360 degree assistance. Not only piano tuners, but specialized technicians able to examine your piano, and advise you on the correct interventions to obtain all the potential that your piano can offer you.

We operate in the following areas:
Como and province
Mendrisio and surroundings
Lugano and surroundings
Bellinzona and surroundings
Sondrio and province
Varese and province
Monza and Brianza
Lecco and province


We recommend to contact us at least once a year for the tuning and setup of your piano. With this operation we go to adjust the tension of the strings to restore the harmonic intervals.

Complete overhaul or restoration

We carry out free inspections with the aim of formulating a personalized estimate for a complete overhaul or restoration of your piano.
The revision consists of adjusting the mechanical components of the instrument so that you have a uniform keyboard touch and correct operation of the instrument. We also go to repair any components that no longer work optimally.
Even the eye wants its part: you can consider polishing the furniture, restoring the original one or changing its type or color. We make both antique lacquer polish and modern polish.
Whether your piano is 10 or 100 years old, it is good to analyze your instrument to understand what the different solutions can be adopted, based on your expectations and on the budget you want to invest. Both from the point of view of the external aspect and from the point of view of the functioning of the piano.

The silent system will give you the opportunity to play listening to the sound on headphones, without altering the touch of the traditional piano keyboard. It is possible to install this device on any upright or grand piano.
When the silencer is active, the hammers no longer hit the strings and all key movements are captured by sending them to the digital tone generator. In this way it is possible to play a real acoustic piano at any time of day or night, without being disturbed and without disturbing others. It also has many features typical of digital pianos, such as using other voices besides that of the piano, the possibility of recording a song in the internal memory, and the possibility of connecting the piano to a PC or any other electronic device.

Contact us for an installation quote on your piano.